Custom Oyster Shucking Tools & Gifts for Oyster Lovers

Oyster lovers know a high-quality oyster shucker is essential for breaking open an oyster shell with ease, and a personalized oyster knife is a treasure that will last for years. As the original online source for custom oyster knives, The Charleston Shucker Company offers classic Southern oyster products straight from the owners’ home in Charleston, South Carolina.

Our grassroots business is founded on a passion for oysters, a philosophy that carries through to each item we offer, from shuckers and steamers to oyster plates and shucking gloves. Whether you’re a seasoned oyster shucker or have never tried to open their tightly clamped shells, a custom engraved oyster knife is the perfect tool to get you started or add to your existing collection. And if you’re not a fan of this saltwater mollusk, you’re sure to find plenty of gifts for oyster lovers in your life.

Don’t limit your oyster experiences to restaurants – give our home oyster shucking equipment a go and you’ll be able to enjoy this delicacy anytime. Our fantastic prices are unbeatable, as are the products themselves. We offer COMPLEMENTARY ENGRAVING AND SHIPPING on all oyster knives. Have a look and you’ll be enjoying oysters from the comfort of your home in no time!

Table Top Steamer The Palmetto Shucker
Our Price: $275.00
Our Price: $39.00
Table Top Oyster Steamer The Palmetto Shucker
Designed for the backyard cook and entertainer. This product stands out for its high quality assembly and durable design. Made of non-corrosive aluminum for durability, easy cleanup, and a professional look. This all-purpose item can be used to boil, steam, or deep fry and is made for large events, big parties or corporate affairs.

The Table Top Steamers have roughly a third of the capacity of the Lowcountry Steamer.
Unveiled in 2015, The Palmetto Shucker is the newest addition to our lineup. This wooden handle makes a beautiful presentation while the narrow, beveled edge makes popping clusters a charm. Comes wrapped in a complementary burlap drawstring gift pouch.

To see available fonts and engraving options, please visit the Personalized Options page.
The Charleston Shucker The Carolina Craftsman
Our Price: $32.00

Our Price: $175.00
The Charleston Shucker Carolina Craftsman Handmade Oyster Knife

The Charleston Shucker Company has been selling a variety of different oyster knives since 2007. We have seen, evaluated, used, purchased and sold thousands of knives.

It has been our goal all along to design our own custom knife to combine the best attributes we have found in those other knives. We considered the handle material and shape, grip, grade of stainless steel, the length, weight, blade thickness and beveling to create a performance oyster knife.

Buy it, hold it and most importantly use it and you will understand and appreciate owning the best oyster knife we have ever seen. THE Charleston Shucker is our signature knife. Engraving and shipping is complementary. Also comes wrapped in a complementary burlap drawstring pouch.

To see available fonts and engraving options, please visit the Personalized Options page.
Our Carolina Craftsman is a showstopper! Each knife is handmade in North Carolina for strength and durability. Our craftsman, John Ratterree has been skillfully working with leather and metals since 1979. Comes with a custom made leather knife holster and wrapped in a complementary burlap gift pouch.

To see available fonts and engraving options, please visit the Personalized Options page.